Catholic Values Investing

The private sector must be not only an engine of growth and productivity, but also a reflection of our values and priorities, a contributor to the common good.
— USCCB, A Place at the Table, 2002

Our Philosophy

Our first priority is to protect the capital entrusted to us. As a caring steward, we also understand your desire to invest in accordance with your Catholic faith.

At Capital Insight Partners, we manage Catholic values portfolios with you in mind. We are inspired by the guidelines set forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). We embrace the principle of investing to avoid participation in harmful activities, to support companies who are thoughtful stewards of resources and in companies who promote the common good.


Our Disciplines

We screen out for the following:*

  • Abortion

  • Embryonic Stem Cells

  • Pornography

  • Human Rights and Armaments


Through our investment actions, we affirm those companies who promote the following faithful virtues:

  • A commitment to investing in the betterment of the community and the environment

  • Promoting human rights and dignity

  • Corporate responsibility


As a global multi-asset class manager, we stress a disciplined, long-term stewardship approach to investing. Discretionary portfolio management solutions are offered through the use of both individual securities and exchange traded funds. Each strategy is globally diversified utilizing equity, fixed income and alternative investments across five asset allocation investment objectives.


* Note; in these categories a company’s role in a product or service and/or maximum thresholds as a percentage of total company revenue may be employed to address judgement call situations. An example would be in the case of credit card companies.

* Note also, the USCCB does not endorse the services or products of any financial advisors and investment firms including Capital Insight Partners, LLC.